About Us

The Bingaman Story

Owners Chris Bingaman, Dean Heintzleman and Max Bingaman

The Bingaman story began in 1938 when Carson Bingaman added Appalachian hardwood lumber to the product line of his general store to service the mining industry. Now an ESOP company with over 200 employees, Bingaman Lumber consists of five locations – the main lumber yard in Kreamer, PA, a second lumber yard in Clarendon, PA, and three hardwood sawmills strategically located throughout the state. We have grown from a single-person operation to an international hardwoods manufacturer that can ship logs, lumber and value-added wood products to any region of the globe.

The BING label assures customers around the world that they are receiving consistent, high-quality hardwood products from Bingaman & Son Lumber, Inc. 

Sawmill Locations

With three locations across PA producing nearly 25 million board feet of green lumber products per year, the Bingaman Sawmill Division is uniquely qualified to meet your hardwood needs. We offer a full array of PA hardwood species, providing our customers with the finest quality green lumber in a variety of thicknesses, along with veneer and sawlogs. We also produce cant, tie and pallet material, as well as chips, sawdust, bark mulch and pole wood. 

Pine Creek Lumber

Pine Creek
Joining the Bingaman family in 1977, Pine Creek Lumber has long anchored our hardwood production, sawing approximately 6.5 million board feet of lumber annually. Pine Creek hosts inspections for domestic and international buyers, selling approximately 2 million board feet of veneer and sawlogs per year. They offer container loading on site for fast, efficient transit to port. Located in Clinton County, PA, just outside of Lock Haven, Pine Creek Lumber has a strong emphasis on White Oak, Red Oak, Walnut and Soft Maple.  

St. Marys Lumber

St. Marys

St. Marys Lumber joined the Bingaman family in 2006, establishing a direct link to the vast Black Cherry timber resource found in the northwest/north-central region of PA. The St. Marys facility produces approximately 5.5 million board feet of lumber per year and sells an additional 2.5 million board feet of veneer and sawlogs. St. Marys also hosts onsite log inspection and offers container loading services. St. Marys is located in Elk County, PA, in the heart of the Allegheny Plateau, and specializes in Black Cherry, Ash, Soft Maple and Poplar. 

WBL Hardwoods

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WBL Hardwoods joined the Bingaman family of companies in May of 2015. Located in Nicktown, Cambria County, PA, our newest facility is situated in the south-central region of the state. WBL Hardwoods produces approximately 5 million board feet of lumber per year and sells an additional 1 million board feet of veneer and sawlogs. Our Nicktown facility provides onsite log inspection and container loading services and also houses a green dimension lumber-production line. WBL Hardwoods has a strong emphasis on Red Oak, Cherry and Soft Maple.