Timber Procurement Process

Step 1: No Cost Assessment of your timber.

What we Look for: 

  • Prior Timber Harvests
  • Overall Health
  • Stand Density 
  • Maturity and Age
  • Boundary Verification

Step 2: Forest Management Plan

Based on our assessment and your needs, we will discuss how to properly manage your forest.

Optional Treatment Methods:

  • Selective Thinning
  • Over-story Removal 
  • Salvage Removal
  • Seed Tree/Shelterwood

Step 3: Harvest Proposal

We will then provide a summary of our proposed harvest and valuation for your review. We will clearly explain what we intend to harvest. 

Step 4: Contract Review

Once you accept our proposal, we provide a written contract outlining the terms of the agreement and payment. 

Step 5: Timber Harvest

Our SFI Trained Foresters will manage your harvest through completion. They will be your point of contact during the process.

Step 6: Job Completion

After the harvest is complete, we perform the reclamation and clean up of the job site.