Log Sales

Bingaman has been exporting logs and lumber for decades. We have an established reputation around the globe for quality products. Our three sawmills are located in heart of the Appalachian Mountains, and our staff of dedicated professionals will provide you with quality hardwood products to fit your needs. We will build log orders to meet your requirements and ship FOB to the port of your choice or CIF to your international port. Bingaman knows that purchasing products internationally involves a level of trust. We strive to deliver the high-level of quality that every customer deserves, and we stand behind all of our products. You can buy with confidence from Bingaman. 

  • Bingaman offers locally harvested veneer and sawlogs across the spectrum of Appalachian hardwood species. 
  • We build loads to suit your needs – just provide your grade specifications. 
  • We can ship on your inspection or ours. 
  • We can ship from the following US ports:
    • Baltimore
    • New York
    • Philadelphia
    • Norfolk
  • We can ship CIF to the international port of your choice.
  • Please contact us to discuss terms of payment.
  • We can ship most species FSC, upon request.

For a quote or more information contact:


David Whitten

Director of Exports

+1 570 850 8827cell


Nicholas Bisaccia

Export Sales

+1 570 898 5411cell


Michael Guo

China Representative

+86 139 0542 9608cell


Moataz Mohamed

Egypt Representative

+0020 120 733 3192cell